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Czyzewski Nowojski Ostaszewski sp.k. (CNO Law Firm Europe) is a law firm that has its headquarters in Poland (Europe). The office specializes in servicing entrepreneurs. The Law Firm’s offer is addressed to entities from Asia that would like to launch their business in Poland or another European country or would like to cooperate with companies in this region (i.e. sell products to European customers)

Our lawyers have many years of experience in handling entities from Asia (China, Taiwan, and Hong-kong). We know the culture of Far East countries and we speak fluent Chinese

If you are looking for a partner who you can trust and who understands the needs of your company – take advantage of our experience – and use our services.

Over 10 years of experience

Our services

Comprehensive legal services for companies from Asia:

  • Legal advice in various areas of polish and european law
  • Legalization of stay and work in Europe
  • Establishment of companies in Poland
  • Assistance in the purchase of existing companies and real estate
  • Preparation and analysis of contracts drawn up according to the laws of China and Poland
  • Preparation of legal opinions in the field of Chinese and Polish law
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates and permits for products placed on the target market
  • Registration of trademarks and product names
  • Support of the business department in conducting trade negotiations
  • Tax consulting, audit, interpretation of taxable rules, tax reviews, tax optimatization
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Debt collection
  • legal support of selling products in the EU
  • Bookkeeping

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  • 华研公告透露组合收入 小辣椒跟《美恐》
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We work with the best / 我们与最好的人合作

Our partners in Asia / 我们在亚洲的合作伙伴

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phone: +48 790 466 473

phone: +48 790 466 473